Don't Play Dirty, Gertie! Be Fair (You Choose!) ISBN: 9780750266451
Eason, Sarah
Published by Wayland, 2011
In this story that gives children multiple choice answers to some of life's dilemmas, we see Gertie trying to make the right decision in each circumstance. She has to choose to be 'fair' when she is put on a team on sports day that includes none of her friends. Should she trip up her team-mates so her friends win, or be a proper team member, or stay with her friends and ignore her own team. The answer is obvious to us, but possibly not to young children. The children using the book should give their answer too, and if it is different from the right one, then discussion should follow. Other dilemmas are: does one share the chocolate buttons on the cake with one's brother, does one welcome a new girl in school when one should rather play with friends, does one own up to painting dad's shed when one could blame a younger sister, and does one copy the girl at the next desk when doing a maths test? Gertie (and we) learn what is right to do in order to be fair to all concerned. A glossary, an index, and some advice on using the book make for a useful production.
Age: 5+