Jamal Jealousaurus (Dinosaurs Have Feelings Too) ISBN: 9780750271165
Moses, Brian and Gordon, Mike
Published by Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 2013
Jamal's eyes turn green when he is jealous, and as he is a green dinosaur anyway, he becomes green all over - a nice definition of what jealousy can do. This funny and practical story about what jealousy is and how to handle it will have children laughing while they learn important lessons. While this dinosaur family lives in a proper dinosaur world, their concerns are very modern. Jamal is jealous of his friends who have 'bronto-bikes' while he only has a scooter, and mum admits to being jealous of the dinosaur next door who has a 'bigger cave' and is always 'buying new things'. Mum and dad remind Jamal that other dinosaurs may be jealous of him for his skills and that he needs to remember all the good things in his life. Jamal begins to believe that he might become a 'Notsojealousaurus' or an 'Onlyalittlebitjealousaurus', and he is happier. This will be great for schools - and for home as well. The combination of the comic pictures, in which much more happens than possibly could in the text, and some notes for parents and teachers make this a winner! There is a list of further books on the subject too.
Age: 4+