My Busy Being Bella Day ISBN: 9781780080079
Patterson, Rebecca
Published by Jonathan Cape Ltd, 2013
In this extraordinarily funny book, Bella must go to nursery school, and being out of sorts, she isn't pleased that baby brother Bob gets to stay home with mum. The school day doesn't start very well either. Colouring in is hard work, and her break-time banana has brown spots. Furthermore, her rather flamboyant friend Sasha is playing with someone else. And all this time, Bella is wondering what Bob and mum are doing. Are they reading books together? Is Bob getting the foam off mum's coffee in the local cafe? Are they playing at the play centre? It is only when things begin to go well at nursery and the teacher compliments Bella on her singing that she starts to be too busy to think about what Bob might be doing. And when she gets home, she discovers that Bob has done nothing more exciting all day than missing his big sister. Hugs all round!! The seriously funny aspects of this story have to do with the expressions on the people's faces - and even the family cat shows exactly what is going on. The illustrations are comic style, but of a most sophisticated sort, and the approach mirrors very exactly the feelings that older children often have when they know a younger sibling is having all the attention at home. Bella is a strong, lovable character, sometimes difficult, but getting there in the end.
Age: 3+