The Elephantantrum ISBN: 9781444904000
Shields, Gillian and Johnson-Issacs, Cally
Published by Hodder Children's Books, 2012
Ellie is a spoiled brat! She has EVERYTHING! But then she decides she must have an elephant - and in order to get her way, she refuses even to get out of bed. Her loving (and very rich) father manages to get her an elephant, but when it arrives and Ellie demands that it grant her every wish, the elephant rebels - and drops her on the floor! Ellie has a tantrum, dad refuses (wisely) to get her another elephant, and the elephant takes over. He sleeps in her bed, he plays with her toys, and he even goes to school and plays with her friends. He never says please or thank you, and poor Ellie ends up polishing his boots and making his food. Then the elephant has a tantrum - an elephantantrum - and Ellie bursts into tears. For the first time in her life she says thank you when he presents her with a hankie, and they agree to share and play together: 'It was fun. It was extraordinary!' Ellie and the elephant become good friends, but when the elephant announces Mary Poppins-like that he must go so he can help other children, Ellie understands. He leaves her a toy elephant in his place. This is a really lovely book. The illustrations are brilliant, full of colour and fun, and the story makes its point without any feeling of forcing the issue. Great fun!
Age: 3+