The Witch and the Dog: a lesson in manners ISBN: 9781908786630
McMillan, Sue and Davey, Owen
Published by Far Far Away Books and Media, 2012
Daphne, a kind but strict witch, opens her door one day to a scruffy little dog with a note attached: 'We are desperate and just can't cope with Harry. Please give him a loving home. p.s. You will have to teach him some manners. Good luck!' And luck she needs! Harry is a 'pickle' and his manners are non-existent. Daphne can only help Harry by threatening to turn him into a frog if he doesn't mind his p's and q's. It takes time, but Harry begins to be a neat and tidy little dog who can shake hands properly, eat with his mouth closed, share his food and play games politely. Daphne is very proud of her pet, but when Harry gives her another pet, a cat this time, they realise that they must start all over again with Grace - who is graceless! This is very funny and clever, and the pictures are a treat. Each page showing Daphne teaching Harry something new has at the bottom the explanation of that particular piece of good manners. Children will enjoy Harry and his antics while learning the importance of being polite.
Age: 4+