Two Nests ISBN: 9781847803238
Anholt, Laurence and Coplestone, Jim
Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books, 2013
This simple and quite lovely story can be used with the youngest child facing a family break-up. The charming rhymes have a lilt that perfectly matches the delicate and dainty illustrations, and we see the two 'funny' birds, Betty and Paul, set up home in a nest in a cherry tree. When Baby Bird arrives on the scene, Betty sings a song to her: 'The sun is bright, the sky is blue, three little words, dear - I love you.' When the nest becomes too crowded, Paul and Betty become 'grumpy', and they decide that a new nest is needed for Paul. Everyone is sad, but Betty sings another song to the baby: 'You had a home, now you have two, four little words, dear - We both love you.' When Baby Bird discovers she can fly, she flies happily from nest to nest. The funny birds are truly funny with lots of frou-frou detail, particularly in Betty's pink feathers, and Paul (in blue) looks suitably masculine. The nest is a work of art in itself! A bed takes up all the space, and a sink to the side, complete with taps, must be for washing the line of nappies hung overhead. The farm animals who come to visit the baby are lovingly pictured, as is the tiny farmhouse in the distance. Altogether, the pictures are a delight, full of jewel-like colour, and there will be lots to discuss and discover while reading the book. This is a strong, easily understood story, with lovable characters who make plain the sadness while emphasising the positive aspects of two homes.
Age: 2+