What Is It Like to Be Me?: A Book About a Boy With Asperger's Syndrome ISBN: 9781849053754
Jurisic, Branka D., Erzar, Katarina Kompan, Klemenc, Alenka and Rozic, Ursa
Published by Jessica Kingsley Pub, 2013
While this is very much the story of Greg, who has AS, it is also the story of his parents and those around him who must learn how to handle his often erratic behaviour. It begins with his father telling us about Greg's early years and his and his wife's (the author of the book) difficulties before Greg's diagnosis. It is a moving and honest account. Beginning on page 15, we have Greg's story, accompanied by endearing and simple illustrations. His intense experience of the senses, his temper tantrums when something goes wrong, his need for routine and order, his difficulties with idioms, his obsessive interest in (in his case) batteries and numbers, his failure to read emotions in facial expressions and his difficulty in looking people in the eye, as well as his problems at school are all shown in both picture and text. Cartoon strips elaborate the problems very clearly, and Greg explains the various ways that people can be helpful and understanding. He knows that he has Asperger's Syndrome and that this means he needs help and love, but he also knows that with this help, he will become 'good, beautiful, interesting, smart, honest, sincere, cheerful, pleasant, special, unique'. The last two sections of the book are by a special education professional and a family therapist who explain in very clear terms what AS is and how it presents and how it affects the family. A long book, 94 pages, it will be of seminal use particularly to families and to people working with children on the autistic spectrum. Beautifully produced. Available from Amazon, book shops, and from the publishers: www.jkp.com, (Tel: 020 7833 2307).
Age: 6+