Can I Tell You About ADHD?: A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals ISBN: 9781849053594
Yarney, Susan and Martin, Chris
Published by Jessica Kingsley Pub, 2013
The first 40 pages of this book tell us Ben's story. He speaks in the first person about his ADHD in great detail, and it is a sad story to hear. Before he was diagnosed, he admits to being difficult in school and at home, that his family, friends and teachers found him hard to manage, and that anger even made playing football, his favourite sport, problematical. Because we are getting Ben's point of view about how he feels about his ADHD and how it affects others, we get real insight into what this condition must be like to those with it. He also tells us about the help he gets with his condition from a paediatrician and an educational psychologist. Because of the help he is getting, he is able to improve and he feels hope in the end. The rest of the book (16 pages) is more aimed at adults working with children with ADHD and includes a good section on general information and medication; other sections are on How Friends Can Help, How Parents Can Help, and How Teachers Can Help. There is also a list of books, organisations and websites. This book could be of real importance to children with ADHD, giving them the knowledge about themselves that can be so important when dealing with a serious condition and also helping them to understand that they are not alone. It will also be important to families, teachers and friends because they will find hints and practices to enable them to support the child. An important book all round. Available from from Amazon, from bookshops, or from the publisher at
Age: 6+