Monty and Milli: The Totally Amazing Magic Trick. Tracey Corderoy, Tim Warnes ISBN: 9781848953079
Corderoy, Tracey and Warnes, Tim
Published by Little Tiger Press, 2012
Monty and Milli are mice, and in time-honoured sibling tradition, Milli wants to do everything older brother Monty does - only she always seems to go him one better! When he builds himself a toy spaceman, she comes along dressed in a full space costume, when he 'roars', she roars even louder, and when he wants to read quietly, she comes along with her own book and wants him to read to her. Monty is thoroughly fed up, but when he is given a magic set with only one of everything, he thinks at long last he will be able to use it on his own. Milli is not pleased, but when Monty can't get his magic tricks to work, Milli takes over again. Monty is so angry that he shouts: 'I wish you'd turn into a warty toad then disappear!' Which she does. At first Monty is quite pleased and plays with his magic set all by himself, but when teatime comes and Milli still hasn't come back, Monty is frantic. Perhaps he has turned her into a warty toad after all! Of course he hasn't and all is well, and by the end of the story, irritating Milli seems to have learned a bit about handling her older brother that may stand them in good stead. There is also a nice surprise ending! The illustrations are marvelously laugh-out-loud funny, and altogether this clever book may well help put-upon older brothers to adjust to pushy, bright younger sisters.
Age: 4+