Steggie's Stammer (Dinosaur Friends) ISBN: 9780750270588
Hughes, Jack
Published by Wayland, 2012
Steggie, a purple dinosaur, has a stammer. Her three friends, Rex, Dachy and Emmy, tend not to listen to her because it takes time for her to get words out. But one day when the other three refuse to listen when Steggie tells them it isn't a good idea to go into the Dark Forest because it is dangerous and they've been told not to go, she follows reluctantly. In playing hide and seek, the other three get into dangerous situations which Steggie can get them out of because she likes reading and knows about the unusual plants that attack the little dinosaurs. Steggie's three friends learn that it pays to stop and listen to Steggie, that she has lots to tell them that is interesting. This simple story is accompanied by wonderfully bright and in-your-face pictures of the lively dinosaurs and all their doings. And it may well help children in a class learn to listen to those who have trouble with speech.
Age: 3+