No More Hitting for Little Hamster! ISBN: 9781907152993
Ford, Bernette and Williams, Sam
Published by Boxer Books Limited, 2011
Little Hamster may look cuddly and sweet, but oh my! He's a fierce little beast. He wants to play with his friends, but whenever he does, he hits. So his friends refuse to play, and he is so cross, he hits again. Ducky and Piggy and Lambkin march off in a huff, and Little Hamster is left crying. Bunny offers to play with him, but only if he doesn't hit, and they have a lovely game together, with Little Hamster keeping his hands busy. When the others see that he can play without hitting, they join in the game too. '"No more hitting!" promised Little Hamster. "No hitting anyone, anymore!"' The illustrations, large and accessible simply painted animals, are a joy, and the straightforward text should convince even the most inveterate hitter that hitting is not a good thing.
Age: 2+