Don't Tell Lies, Lucy! (Cautionary Tales) ISBN: 9780746059081
Cox, Phil Roxbee and McCafferty, Jan
Published by Usborne, 2004
And a cautionary tale it is! Lucy is a lie-teller supreme. When she tears her t-shirt, she says pirates kidnapped her; when she breaks a window, she says 'it was a rock from outer space'. On and on it goes, and the fact that parents, aunts and brother all shout, 'Don't tell lies, Lucy', it makes no difference. When they finally confront her and insist she stop lying, she runs round the house slamming doors and ends up sulking on her bed. When dad sees a big wave coming that will engulf the house, he shouts for everyone to run. But Lucy, who thinks everyone lies, doesn't obey and is washed away, still on her bed. Her family, having tea on the shore, can see her floating in the distance, which softens the blow somewhat. The very funny pictures help, too, and while it can't be called a happy ending, it is certainly a well-deserved one! Clever and very much in the Hilaire Belloc style.
Age: 4+