David's Secret Soccer Goals ISBN: 9781843107729
Levine, Caroline
Published by Jessica Kingsley Pub, 2004
David loves to play soccer, and he's good. So when Coach announces there is to be a soccer camp, where the team can practice their skills, David should be pleased. Only he knows that he wets the bed and therefore won't be able to participate. He is extremely embarrassed about his problem, and his older sister Jayne and his father don't help by merciless teasing and making him feel small. Mum is very sympathetic and offers a visit to the doctor to see if anything can be done to help. David really doesn't want to go, but he really does want to go to soccer camp, so agrees. The visit is difficult, but the doctor is reassuring and tells him that lots of people - boys and girls - have the same problem. He gives David options, and the decision is made to use an alarm pad with charts and treats when he does well. It takes perseverance, but David sticks to the plan, and even his really unpleasant sister Jayne begins to admit improvement. His dad's unpleasantness stems from his own enuresis as a child, and Jayne has her own problem with thumb-sucking. For a short book (40 pages) with quite large print, this story manages to pack in a great deal of realistic sensitivity to David's problem and how it impacts not only on him but on the whole family. While there is a happy ending, it is clear that David has more work to do before his nights are completely dry. Very well written and an excellent option for children who wet the bed. Available from Amazon, or good bookshops, or from the publisher at www.jkp.com.
Age: 7+