The Asperger Children's Toolkit ISBN: 9781849052931
Musgrave, Francis
Published by Jessica Kingsley Pub, 2012
In an introduction to parents, this book explains the AS Active Approach, 'A collection of ideas and principles: Working together as a team, Building on success, Having fun together, and Refresh and Renewal.' The emphasis is on the positive approach - not to shout or get angry, but to stress the good things the child is accomplishing. The child begins with a section on Understanding Asperger Syndrome in which some general information is given about patterns of thinking, sensory issues and meltdowns. We then get into AS activities, and there are three sections on those. The Brain Guru helps the child to understand the mind's relationship to the body and gives coping strategies as well as games with cut-out parts to use. The Sensory Detective explains about self-discovery and problem solving with more fun and games. The Social Scientist is 'all about understanding who you are' - 'the science of human interaction', and covers inner intelligence (how we feel about ourselves) and outer intelligence (how we feel about others). This section is wordier than the others, but suggests the use of story boards and visualization. The final section deals with using the internet and covers such things as the need for privacy tools and passwords and the inadvisability of sharing details with people you don't know. The language of the book, while very clear, is sophisticated, and some interpretation may be needed. As the book is designed to be used with a parent or carer, this should not be a problem. The layout is amusing and well defined and makes the book enjoyable to use. It is available from Amazon or from the publisher at
Age: 10+