Kevin Thinks: ...about Outer Space, Confusing Expressions and the Perfectly Logical World of Asperger Syndrome ISBN: 9781849052924
Watts, Gail
Published by Jessica Kingsley, 2012
Told from the perspective of Kevin, who in his own thoughts is perfectly normal and ordinary, this little picture book gives real insight into the mind of a child with Asperger's. From 'Kevin thinks you should always do up the top button. Why else is it there?' to 'Kevin thinks you should always tell the truth', we see his very logical mind getting him into situations which he simply cannot understand. The text tells what he thinks, but the pictures show other peoples' reactions, which he sometimes doesn't see, and which at other times make him angry. He is having to learn rules that make no sense to him, and this is hard. Mum and Dad are loving, but sometimes 'Kevin thinks he would just like to be alone. At the end of the story we learn that Kevin may some day join the long list of people who have thought 'outside the box' and been very successful. Gail Watts has a son with Asperger's, and she understands very well indeed his problems with social conventions. The pictures with line drawings of furniture and brightly-coloured square people are fun and very expressive of Kevin's sometime lack of understanding. The book is available from Amazon or from the publishers at
Age: 6+