Illness (The Real Deal) ISBN: 9780431908137
DeGezelle, Terri
Published by Heinemann Raintree, 2009
In this series of books aimed at upper primary and secondary children, a range of topics about health and social issues is covered. Quite detailed information includes Case Studies and Newsflash boxes. What Do You Think boxes give discussion questions, and Top Tips boxes give interesting ways to cope. Photographs add greatly to the whole. In this general book about illnesses, we learn a lot about different kinds of illness - contagious and non-contagious, serious and common, and chronic. Differences in illnesses in children and adults are explained, and the fact that many illnesses affect both. We learn causes - genetic, environmental, inherited - and there is a good section on diagnosis and the many tools available for doctors to use. An interesting section follows on having to deal with a diagnosis, particularly one for a serious disease. There's lots about treatments and the changes these can make to one's life, the stresses that can come about through lengthy hospital stays or having to be away from home. The whole family must be involved, and will be able to support the one who is ill. There is a great deal of sensitivity in the approach to illness in this book, a lot of emphasis on feelings and changes, learning to cope and to accept. It will be of use for families at home as well as at school. The glossary, a list of other books and websites, and an index are welcome additions.
Age: 10+