Jealous (Feelings) ISBN: 9781406206449
Medina, Sarah and Brooker, Jo
Published by Raintree Publishers, 2008
One of a series of books aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils which will be of use both at home and at school. 'Jealous' explains that the feeling may make you feel angry or lonely, it may make you feel like doing something really naughty or unkind. Jealousy can be brought on by things like having a new brother or sister who gets a lot of attention, or because someone has something you like and want. Everyone is jealous sometimes, but it isn't a good emotion; 'it's much better to be happy for other people'. Simple coping strategies are given, and we are assured that we won't stay jealous all the time. Being kind to the person you feel jealous of can help. We are told ways of recognising jealousy in others and how to cope with that. 'Be happy with yourself, just as you are.' The pictures are expressive and complement the text nicely. Because this series is aimed at young children, a picture glossary and a short index are included. Great for PSHE.
Age: 5+