Divorce and Separation (Tough Topics) ISBN: 9780431907895
Murphy, Patricia
Published by Heinemann Raintree, 2008
One of a series of issue books aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils, which will also be useful for lesser ability older children. The importance of sharing feelings is a theme in this book, talking out problems and admitting sadness and anger and loneliness are emphasised. We learn about the difference between separation and divorce, about the process of getting a divorce and that children usually live with one of the parents but see the other regularly. Changes, like having to move house and go to a different school are mentioned, and the fact that these changes can be tough. The possibility of new families being formed, possibly with step brothers and sisters, is mentioned, but all the way through the message is that it is the parents that are divorcing, that the children are still loved, and that the divorce is not their fault. A last page called 'Getting through your parents' separation or divorce' gives good, practical advice. Lots of excellent photos, a glossary, and an index will be particularly useful in schools. The large, clear print is a bonus.
Age: 6+