Drugs (Tough Topics) ISBN: 9780431907741
Deboo, Ana
Published by Heinemann Raintree, 2007
One of a series of 'issue' books aimed at Key Stages 1 and 2 children which will also be useful for lesser ability older children. 'Drugs' gives us solid, basic information on what they are, the different sorts (legal and illegal) and something about specific drugs such as marijuana, anabolic steroids, cocaine, ecstasy and LSD. We learn about the good things drugs can do as well as the bad. There is a bit about drugs in history and the fact that alcohol and tobacco are drugs, albeit legal ones. Sections on abuse, addiction and overdoses make clear the dangers, and we learn something about the emotional problems caused by drug taking too. The legal situation is made clear, as is the danger that peer pressure will affect young peoples' decisions about using drugs. Lots of good photos, an index, a glossary, and a 'Find Out More' page add to the information and will be particularly useful in schools. The large, clear print is a bonus.
Age: 7+