What have you done, Davy? ISBN: 9781558585812
Weninger, Brigitte and Tharlet, Eve
Published by North-South Books, 1996
Davy, the little rabbit, means well, but sometimes he rushes into things and doesn't think. After he has unintentionally broken sister Daisy's toys, wrecked brother Donny's playhouse, and ruined Dan's secret burrow, they go to complain to mum. And when Davy is discovered with a purple mouth, having eaten all the blueberries intended for lunch, mum becomes very firm. Davy must spend the afternoon making good all the damage and picking more blueberries. Davy is a winsome little rabbit, too ready to get out of scrapes by being charming. But his family, while truly loving him, also show him what is right and make sure he understands the seriousness of his actions. Marvelous, sunny pictures, full of light.
Age: 3+