Being a Foster Family: What it Means and How it Feels: A Guide for Young Children ISBN: 9781907585401
Argent, Hedi and Durrant, Lynda
Published by British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF), 2011
Max and Josh's mum is a foster carer, and Max (7) has lots of questions as to what this means. In this slim booklet those questions are answered fairly and honestly, starting with 'what exactly is fostering?' and ending with 'how can I help the children.' We are told that Max will not always necessarily like the children being fostered, and that is okay. He asks why children need foster families, and will he have to share everything? Where will the children go when they leave, and will he see them again? Lots of photos, diagrams and drawings help make the information clear, and their are further discussion questions along the way. It is an excellent (and unusual) idea to have a booklet aimed at children who live in families who foster, and this should be a good introduction to the whole idea.
Age: 5+