Spike and Ali Enson ISBN: 9781848530232
Horne, Sarah and Stanley, Malaika Rose
Published by Tamarind Books, 2010
Those with eyes tuned to the way words look will enjoy the joke in the title of this short novel. However, it may take awhile to understand it! Spike has a new baby brother - Ali Enson - and he isn't best pleased. After all, he has been the one and only for 12 or so years, and he likes it that way. Also, as he, Spike, was adopted, the fact of a natural-born brother seems a real threat. All the feelings of a much older and adopted sibling are present here in spades, but everyone (including the bullying Lovelace twins) seem to think that Ali is 'cute'. Spike suspects something strange about Ali; after all his poo is a peculiar green colour, and if one looks closely, his skin has a hint of scales. That's it, thinks Spike. Ali is an alien. We think it is a joke, but Spike proves us wrong. Ali really is an alien, as are his parents. (Now look back at the title again.) Spike has blown their cover, and the family must return to Planet Aledela. Will Spike go with them? Does he love them (and Ali) enough to take on a completely different life? Read and find out! Great stuff!
Age: 8+