Mine! ISBN: 9780141332130
Bright, Rachel
Published by Puffin, 2011
Poor Funny Bunny! Because the twins, Fifi and Frankie, love him so much, he is in a quandry. The twins, who are identical in looks but in nothing else, are each determined to play with him, and he is in the middle. The final bust-up comes at Grandma Flo's house, when Frankie (the tomboy) and Fifi (the girly one) have an out-and-out battle over Funny Bunny and his ears get torn off. Grandma Flo calms the storm down, and while she sews the ears back on, she talks to the girls about sharing. They make out a chart to sort out when each of them is to have 'custody', but that leaves Sundays when they still must share. The expressions on Funny Bunny's face are wonderfully eloquent, and it's clear that he is worried about those Sundays! Great pictures, and it's an unusual story as it's about twins.
Age: 3+