The elephant and the bad baby ISBN: 9780140566918
Vipont, Elfrida and Briggs, Raymond
Published by Picture Puffin, 2000

This classic has been around since 1969, and it's as wonderful now as it was then. The elephant takes the bad baby on a rumpeta, rempeta tour of the town, stealing all sorts of food for them in shops along the way. But the bad baby never says please, and when he is finally confronted with his badness by the assembled shop keepers and the elephant, he says, 'Please, I want to go home to my mummy!' So they take him, and they all have pancakes together, not forgetting to say 'please'. Children particularly enjoy the repetition. The dotty illustrations, set in a slightly bygone age, add to the general anarchy. Wonderful for all toddlers who refuse to say please.
Age: 2+