There's Going to Be a Baby ISBN: 9780744549966
Burningham, John and Oxenbury, Helen
Published by Walker, 2010
Super special book about an impending new sibling. In a series of questions from the little boy and answers from his mum, we go through the long months before the birth. When is the baby going to come? What will we call the baby? As mum gets bigger, the little boy becomes a bit wary: 'We don't really need the baby do we?' Together they think of things the baby might do when he or she grows up - maybe it will be a cook, or a zoo keeper ('the baby might get eaten by a tiger'), an artist, or a gardener or a banker - and after each possibility we see a double page spread of the baby doing all these things in his messy, baby way. The little boy has some serious doubts, though. What if the baby is 'sick all over the carpet' like Mrs Anderson's baby? At the very end, he seems quite reconciled, and when he and Grandad go to the hospital to visit mum and the baby, he says: 'Grandad, the baby will be our baby. We're going to love the baby, aren't we.' We never know if the baby is a boy or a girl, and that is a real strength of the book. It doesn't matter. It's the build up that is important and the fact that all the little boy's questions are answered and that he can talk through his concerns. The pictures, simple and endearing, as to be expected from this illustrator are a perfect mix with the sensitive text. A complete winner.
Age: 3+