Atchoo: The Complete Guide to Good Manners: Good Manners for Complete Animals ISBN: 9780340945254
Kelly, Mij and McQuillan, Mary
Published by Hodder Children's Books, 2009
'This is the story of Suzy Sue and the fateful day when she went Atchoo.' It seem that Suzy Sue didn't cover her mouth and nose, and the farm animals are horrified. They set out to teach her good manners. The cow, the horse, the goat and the sheep begin by explaining about the necessity of keeping clean, brushing teeth and using a handkerchief to wipe a runny nose, using the dog as a bad example because he smells. Then they go on to table manners (don't eat like a pig). This is followed by learning to share and never, ever fighting (like cats). The little girl takes all this in, but the animals who are used as examples are cross: 'The cats and pigs were up in arms. So were their friends from other farms.' Suzy Sue confronts the cow, the horse, the goat and the sheep and tells them they have been unkind. The golden rule is the important thing, and people will learn best by being shown the right way rather than being bullied. When the animals admit their mistakes, all is 'sweetness and light'. This is a light-hearted look at manners which proves that trying to drill good manners into children might not be the best approach. The bright and funny pictures are super.
Age: 2+