Tickle ISBN: 9780956283122
Trajan, Jacquie
Published by Barn-E-Bee Publishing, 2010
This one is for kids who unthinkingly run away and cause angst to their parents! Tickle, a little hedgehog, is playing happily in the garden when his friend Raby (a rabbit) comes along with his red kite and wants Tickle to come out to play. Without thinking of the consequences, Tickle crawls under the fence and off they go. When mum discovers he is gone, she is worried and enlists the help of Bert, the pixie, who is asleep under a bush. Together they look for clues as to Tickle's whereabouts and find the hole under the fence. Bert sets off to find the missing one, but meanwhile, Tickle and Raby have come a cropper in their attempts to fly the kite. Tickle has become entangled in the kite string and has floated up into a tree. Bert's magic soon sorts out the situation and all is well. Tickle tells his mum he is sorry, and they mend the hole in the fence. It is the humour in this story that makes it special. Both the illustrations and the rhyming couplet text are laugh-out-loud funny, and the detail in the pictures should have children chuckling for hours. This is a serious subject handled in a light-mannered way, but which nevertheless gets the point across.
Age: 3+