Stepfamily Adoption: What it is and what it means ISBN: 9781905664948
Francis, Jo
Published by British Association for Adoption and Fostering, 2010
In this booklet, aimed at children and young people, the process of being adopted into a stepfamily is explained in clear terms. It begins with an explanation of what a stepfamily is and gives examples of famous people both in modern times and in history who have lived in stepfamilies. It then goes on to give examples of different kinds of stepfamilies and the complications therein. One of these examples is of Daisy, who lives with her mum and stepdad and her younger half-brother. The booklet then follows Daisy's family's progress when it is decided that her stepdad should adopt her formally. There is quite a lot of information about how children feel about being in a stepfamily, both positive and negative, and these are explained honestly. In Daisy's case, she is happy in her stepfamily, but also enjoys seeing her father and grandparents. The decision is made by all concerned that it would be best for Daisy to be adopted by her stepdad so that he has 'parental responsibility' for both her and his own little boy, Luke. It is made clear that this in no way changes her day to day relationship with her father. There are good explanations of social workers, of judges, and of the court, and we have a 'story' of Daisy's day in court with all her parents present. Parental Responsibility Orders and Residence Orders are explained too, as alternatives to adoption. A list of helpful organisations is given in the final pages of this very informative booklet. Available from Amazon or from the BAAF, Saffron House, 6-10 Kirby Street, London EC1N 8TS (
Age: 5+