The Night Iceberg ISBN: 9781407107912
Stephens, Helen
Published by Alison Green Books, 2010
Tofta's new baby brother chews on her toys and books, and furthermore, he has to sleep in a cot in her room. Sharing is not Tofta's thing, and she isn't happy about having to do it. 'I don't want to share,' she said. but mum says she must and so she must. That night, an iceberg floats by her window, and Tofta decides she will claim it as her own iceberg and go away on it, not sharing it with anyone. She takes some provisions in a suitcase and climbs aboard. For a time she is pleased and happy that 'at last she had something that was just for her.' And then a penguin appears. He seems to think the iceberg is his and refuses to go away. After they both have a bit of a pout, they decide to make the most of the situation and Tofta shares her tin of sardines with the penguin. When he swims off and brings back his friends, all 500 of them, Tofta is taken aback, particularly when they all want her sardines. She only has one left, which she gives to the smallest penguin who likes being cuddled. Then Tofta makes a big decision and shares the iceberg with her new friends, showing them a sliding on the ice game. In the morning, the penguins steer the iceberg back to Tofta's house, and she can't wait to tell baby brother about her iceberg. This is an eccentric story, quite original and with lovely chalky pictures redolent of Scandinavia. Super
Age: 3+