Ebb's new friend ISBN: 9781860395253
Simmons, Jane
Published by Orchard, 1998

Ebb is a wonderful, cuddly dog! He lives a good life with his friend Flo and her family in a boat, but then Bird arrives on the scene. Bird is a goose, and he takes to Ebb like a long lost friend. Ebb is horrified. Bird takes over Ebb's favourite place to sit, he sleeps with Ebb and gets Gran's titbits. Furthermore, everyone thinks Bird is wonderful. Ebb just growls. But then Bird disappears, and Ebb discovers life just isn't the same. Jealousy and learning to share are both themes in this lovely picture book. Putting aside the obvious pun (Ebb and Flo), the illustrations and story are quite outstanding.
Age: 3+