The truth: Drugs ISBN: 9780199111701
MacFarlane, Aidan and McPherson, Ann
Published by O.U.P., 2003
This detailed book grew out of the authors' website, a teen-based site for e-mailing questions, so the queries really are teenagers concerns. Actually aimed at the over 13s, 11 and 12 year olds will be interested in the information too. Nineteen chapters cover everything from caffeine, smoking, alcohol and cannabis, to solvents and poppers, speed, ecstasy, magic mushrooms, heroine, cocaine and crack. All the legalities are stressed, and there is lots of emphasis on not doing drugs at all. The paperback format and the relaxed, non-judgmental approach (these are the doctors who wrote 'The diary of a teenage health freak' and other bestsellers) will be considered spot-on, and there is no talking down. The e-mails themselves, all original we are told, are written in text-message style or in basic language that kids will like. This reviewer, reading it in one sitting, found a certain amount of repetition - inevitable given the format and the subject matter. Cool!
Age: 11+