Mohammed's Journey (Refugee Diary) ISBN: 9781845076535
Robinson, Anthony, Young, Annemarie and Allan, June
Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books, 2009
Mohammed tells his own very moving story about his family, his birth in Kirkuk, Iraq in 1994, his life there, his father's disappearance and probable death under Saddam Hussein, his and his mother's escaping via a desperate route through Iran, Turkey, in a broken-down lorry and a boat, arriving finally in Dover in quite desperate conditions. He speaks movingly of how happy he was to have food and a place to be warm. A Kurdish interpreter helped the family and others who had come at the same time, and the rest of the story is about Mohammed and his mum's settling in, their experiences of this country, their getting leave to stay, and his mum's ultimate re-marriage to another Kurdish refugee and the birth of his little sister. He is honest about his continued fears and worries and misses his dad. But he is glad to be here and looks forward to a good life. The watercolour paintings that accompany the text are outstanding, and there are photos of Mohammed and his family too. A moving account of one boy's experience that belongs in all school libraries.
Age: 9+