Temper Temper! ISBN: 9780750027038
Silver, Norman and Park, Julie
Published by Macdonald, 1999

Jonathon is quite an obedient boy, but is sometimes unhappy when he doesn't get his own way. One day a monster called Temper Temper arrives on the scene and shows Jonathon how to throw a really wild tantrum. He goads Jonathon into tantrums every time he is refused something he wants, and Jonathon gets very good at it. The family soon is tired of this and decide to ignore the tantrums, but this makes Temper Temper very angry indeed. Jonathon gets fed up and laughs at Temper Temper, which makes the monster shrink and seem very silly, and Jonathon boots him out the window. We see Jonathon reading a book with his mum at the end, all about fighting dragons. Funny colour illustrations add much to the whimsical nature of the story, and being able to blame bad temper on a monster should help sugar the pill.
Age: 3+