Catherine's Story ISBN: 9781845076559
Moore, Genevieve and Littlewood, Karin
Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books, 2010
Catherine is a special little girl. Her cousin Frances is rather dismissive of her. After all, she can't talk or understand very much, and she can only walk with the help of special boots. Catherine's father explains to Frances just how special Catherine is. She can clap her hands very, very quietly, and she can listen very carefully, a rare talent. And when Frances tries on the special boots, she can't walk in them at all. When Dad carries Catherine up to bed, he tells her how special she is, and Catherine responds by doing her quiet little clap. This is a special book, too, beautifully and sensitively illustrated with expressive watercolours and with an outstanding text. As Jacqueline Wilson says in a short introduction, it should be 'on every nursery and infant school bookshelf'. Catherine's story is based on the author's experience of her niece's disabilities and has an authentic ring to it. Wonderful!
Age: 6+