Drugs (Talk About) ISBN: 9780750249379
Bailey, Jacqui
Published by Wayland, 2008
In this instance, 'drugs' is used as a broad term - medical drugs, drinking and smoking are covered as well as the law on drugs and, specifically, a chapter on cannabis and another general one on sniffing chemicals, club drugs, up and downers, ecstasy, crack, cocaine, and heroine. A chapter on 'Paying the Price' makes clear the problems, how people change, how addiction affects others, and how drugs can make people act in socially unacceptable and even violent ways. There is information about treatment and emphasis on discovering the facts for oneself and making personal decisions on the basis of those facts. Talk About boxes, statistics and Fact boxes help make the information accessible,and the usual index, glossary, and list of websites and helplines provide information for school projects. Lots of good, specific information on a number of relevant topics.
Age: 11+