My Step Family (How Can I Deal With?) ISBN: 9780749670887
Hewitt, Sally
Published by Franklin Watts, 2007
An explanation of just what a stepfamily is is followed by a number of stories of children who have had problems of one sort or another within their stepfamilies. Anji is happy in her stepfamily, but Jamie is happy living with his dad and doesn't want a new family, Nicky is very rude to his stepdad, Cherry is worried that her dad's new partner will disappear as the last one did, Elliot feels left out because his new stepbrother and sister play together, Tilly has to share a small room with her new stepsister having been used to a room on her own, as does Rory, Leo thinks his stepmum's rules are unfair, and Kyle likes his stepdad better than his own dad and is worried about this. All these children learn to talk through their concerns with their parents and are given coping strategies to help. The book is honest about feelings and gives good advice to parents as well as children about how to handle tricky situations. There is a playlet at the end, a stepbrother and sister talk about their experience of learning to live together. A glossary, an index, a list of websites for children and one for parents and some notes for parents, teachers and carers make the book useful in schools as well as at home.
Age: 6+