My Parent's Divorce (How Can I Deal With?) ISBN: 9780749670894
Hewitt, Sally
Published by Franklin Watts, 2007
Holly is unhappy because her parents aren't. They fight so much that they have no time for her. She prefers going to her friend Luli's house where her parents spend time with both girls. She learns to talk to her parents about her problems, and she also learns they are going to divorce. There follows an explanation of what divorce is and that it is never the children's fault. The book goes on with a number of stories of individual chidren going through the process of divorce in their families. Billy's parents don't tell him what is going on and he is worried and afraid, Gracie is angry with her parents, as is Alfie, Mo believes she can stop her parents divorcing by being extra good, Ed has lots and lots of questions and worries about his parents divorce, Louis is ashamed of his parents splitting up, and Suzie is worried about her dad now that he is not living with the family. There is a short section on mediation, and the children all learn in the end that talking things through is usually the best answer to most problems. A good, honest approach to the many difficulties that beset divorcing families, and excellent advice to parents on handling the situation for their children's sakes. The final section is a playlet of a brother and sister who have been through divorce and come out the other side: 'Things have worked out okay.' An index, a glossary, some websites for both children and adults, and some notes for parents make the book very useful in schools as well as at home.
Age: 6+