Being an Immigrant (Talking About) ISBN: 9780749670061
Levette, Sarah
Published by Franklin Watts, 2007
A general book of information about the reasons people emigrate, what it is like to find oneself in an entirely new place, what happens on arrival, how different people may react, etc. In a question and answer format, we are given viewpoints both from the emigres and from people in the country they are coming to. Racism is discussed, and the possibility of unkindness being experienced - even bullying. 'Did you know' and 'Think about' boxes give points for discussion, and there are occasional basic case studies about children's experiences. There is also advice about settling in, both for the immigrant child and his or her classmates. Jolly photos of children abound, and there is an index and a good list of Internet resources. Large print makes it easy to read.
Age: 8+