Our new home: immigrant children speak
Hearn, Emily and Milne, Marywinn
Published by Second Story Press, 2007
Short, moving accounts by children who have moved to Canada from many different countries - some of them refugees, others who came with their families to better their circumstances. The accounts have been left in the children's own words, which are sometimes disjointed syntactically for obvious reasons, but no less moving for that. Some of the children have drawn pictures reflecting their experiences. The book is divided into sections: Leaving, Differences, Adjusting, Problems (covers bullying) and Feelings. There is a lot of emphasis on school and the changes this meant. The amazing thing is the very matter-of-fact recounting off sometimes horrendous experiences. Particularly worth having in schools for use in PSHE. Contains a map showing all the different countries the children come from. Available in the UK from Gazelle Books: sales@gazellebooks.co.uk (Tel: 01524 68765).
Age: 8+