Mum and Dad Glue ISBN: 9780340957103
Gray, Kes and Wildish, Lee
Published by Hodder Children's Books, 2009
The little boy is forlorn when his parents split up. Determined to make things better, he heads for the glue shop to buy some parent glue, but the kind shop lady gives him something better - an ear to his troubles and then reassurance that his parents still love him and that he will find a way forward even though his life will change. There is an elegeiac quality about this book; even the rhyming couplet text, while gently humorous, has a sad quality. This is appropriate to the subject and recognises the child's unhappiness at the direction life is taking. The illustrations are special. Everything in the child's life is splitting - the house, the car, his toys, even his bed, and there are zig zag tears everywhere in the pictures until he begins to come to terms with his problems. And there is a comforting marmalade cat seen on each page. A lovely book.
Age: 6+