Finn Throws a Fit ISBN: 9781406322545
Elliott, David and Ering, Timothy Basil
Published by Walker, 2009
And when Finn throws a fit, it's a humdinger! His poor mum and dad sense the oncoming storm when Finn refuses to eat his usually-liked peach, and they try to stem the assault. No chance. First there is 'thunder in the nursery' and then 'lightning in the kitchen' and through the whole gamut of weather - flooding, avalanches, earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes and blizzards, Finn's tantrum runs it course until 'it lasts until it doesn't'. When the mayhem finally subsides, Finn returns to being a sweet two year old - even remembering to say 'please' when he finds he wants his peach after all. Wonderful, explosive pictures of Finn at his worst are highly exagerated and full of humour. While over-the-top, this could help a tantrum-prone toddler to see his or her actions as they really are - and it's a wonderful story, tantrum-prone or not.
Age: 2+