Feeling Jealous (Thoughts and Feelings) ISBN: 9780749675028
Levette, Sarah
Published by Franklin Watts, 2008
Jealousy can ruin friendships and families, and in this book we learn about what it is, about specific ways of feeling jealous, and some coping strategies. Sometimes we can be jealous of other people's belongings, or of a sibling whom we feel is treated better than we are, or of a friend who shows signs of being friendly with others. These feelings are very unpleasant, and can lead to unpleasant situations. Other people being jealous of us is another problem that hurts. All these are covered in some detail, and photos of children talking about their jealousies, cartoon stories and coping strategies such as talking to some one, painting a picture, or writing down the problem are suggested. It is also admitted that talking may not lead to the person you talk to agreeing with your point of view - an honest and realistic point. A list of useful addresses, websites and further reading make this excellent for schools.
Age: 6+