Tumbleweed ISBN: 9780956283108
Trajan, Jacquie
Published by Barn-E-Bee Publishing, 2009
Tumbleweed is a little chicken with only one leg, and when the wind blows, he tumbles about like a - well - like a tumbleweed. This means he can't play properly with his farmyard friends. One day when a 'tumble' brings him up to a small house in a tree, he meets Bert, a pixie, who is something of an inventor and produces a wonderful leg out of bits and pieces that Tumbleweed collects for him. Based on the story of a real Bantam Ms Trajan once owned, this is a delightful picture book of a brave little chick who has to put up with an awful lot. It is the illustrations that make this book. With strong black lines and colour, along with messy details full of humour, Tumbleweed is a triumph of life over disaster. Huge fun!
Age: 3+