Leon Bites ISBN: 9780747584810
Bedford, David and Taylor, Eleanor
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, 2007
Leon suddenly wonders what it would be like to bite mum as he snuggles into her warm, lion shoulder. 'Hey,' she shouts when he does just that. 'Leon, don't bite,' she says. But Leon is on a role now, and first his dad gets the treatment, then his sisters and, finally, his jungle friends. When he comes up against tiny baby crocodiles, though, little crocodiles who not only bite but who won't let go, he discovers how painful biting is, and that because of his behaviour before, it is only mum who is willing to help him. Rather like the fable of the boy who cried wolf, this story is a cautionary tale. Wonderfully joyful, cuddly lions and jungle animals help make the lesson fun.
Age: 2+