Asthma (Explaining) ISBN: 9780749682613
Royston, Angela
Published by Franklin Watts, 2008
One of an impressive series of books on various health problems and disabilities. Lots of detailed information on such topics as a history of the science of asthma; the reasons for it (family history, allergies, smoking, etc.); detailed diagrams of lungs and how asthma affects them; triggers such as cold air and exercise, chemical fumes and allergies; how it is diagnosed; the various equipment used in diagnosis and in preventing and relieving attacks; how to help when someone is having an attack; exercise and its importance; and what the future may hold in new treatments and in the discovery of why it is on the increase. Though technical information is clearly presented and aimed at young people, parents will also find it an excellent information book on the subject. A good index, a glossary, and a list of further reading and websites make it useful for school project work, and it also should be in children's wards libraries.
Age: 10+