Mighty Monty ISBN: 9780763629779
McGrory, Anik and Hurwitz, Johanna
Published by Candlewick, 2008
Five chapters of the gentle adventures of Montgomery Gerald Morris, a six year old with asthma who loves to read. The five stories are: (1) Monty's acquisition of fifty years worth of the National Geographic magazine and the subsequent finding of new homes for them by his horrified parents, (2) his part in the school play as an apple tree, (3)his joining a karate class, (4) his going to a birthday party, and (5) his gaining his orange belt at a karate exhibition. Not a lot is made of the asthma, but it does limit Monty in some ways. Most sports are out as he can't get too tired, and the birthday party is held outside as he is allergic to his friend's dogs. His parents show concern (he has evidently had bad attacks in the past) but not too much so. Lovely, soft charcoal illustrations are throughout the book, but there is plenty of text too. An excellent story about a lovable, rather thoughtful lad who accepts his problem and deals with it well. There is another book about Monty which I have not seen - 'Mostly Monty' (ISBN: 9780763628314). The books are set in the US.
Age: 6+