A Day at the Park (Hattie and Friends) ISBN: 9780955214134
Berrington, Lesley and Middleton, Karen
Published by Paw Print Publishing, 2008
One of a series of books in which disabled children are seen enjoying themselves in entirely normal ways. Toby uses a hearing aid, and when he and Hattie and their mums plan a special day out to a country park, he and Hattie are very excited. A train journey is followed by such adventures as feeding ducks on a lake, having a picnic, enjoying petting the rabbits in the animal corner, and playing in the playground - until it starts to rain. An ice cream in the cafe rounds off the day nicely. It is only because we see Toby's hearing aid that we realise he has a disability; the two children enjoy themselves and each other's company enormously. Toby and his mum are black, and this series introduces children in a natural way to the concept of different races, as well as to the concept of disability as a natural part of life. The illustrations are fun and expressive and full of good detail. Available from Amazon or from www.hattieandfriends.co.uk (Tel: 01522 789888).
Age: 3+