Starring Jolene ISBN: 9780192752505
Pielichaty, Helena
Published by O.U.P. (After School Club series), 2003
One of a series of books about the individual youngsters who make up the After School Club. Ten year old Jolene has an 'anger management' problem. She often loses her rag, and other children are uneasy in her presence. Many of her problems are due to her remarkable family interelationships - a mum who doesn't really like children, a grandmother who drinks too much and has often had Jolene dumped on her, step-brothers she can't get on with, and a famous photographer grandfather who never had time for his own daughter. When truth comes out after Jolene runs away, all these people learn much about themselves and each other. And all are likeable in their own ways. Jolene gets support from her special friend Alex at the After School Club, and together they help sort out a child who is being physically abused at home. This is not as heavy as it sounds. The novel is a short one, and the tone is light in spite of the difficult subject matter. Good descriptions of Jolene's feelings when she begins to lose it.
Age: 10+