Starring Brody ISBN: 9780192752482
Pielichaty, Helena
Published by O.U.P. (After School Club series), 2003
One of a series of books about the individual youngsters who make up the After School Club. Brody is a model, quite a famous one, 11 years old and half American, half British. When her niece Jolene (only 10, but her niece due to their complicated family relationships) is parked on the family for a week, Brody is at first pleased. Sullen Jolene is no fun at all, and seems to have an anger problem. During half term, Brody takes Jolene to the After School Club where they are making films, and Jolene finds an affinity with another girl, Alex. In a fit of intense and uncalled-for anger, Jolene shoves Brody, causing her to fall and break a tooth. She finally admits she is to see a psychologist for anger management lessons and the reason her family has dumped her for the half term week is that she is so difficult. This is a family with complex relationships, and there are many home truths to be learned. The language is teen-friendly, and the main characters believable.
Age: 10+