Little Raja - the elephant with the troublesome trunk ISBN: 9781901242720
Phoenix, Woodrow and Nikapota, Anula
Published by Comic Company, 2001
Raja uses his trunk in all the wrong ways. He is always upsetting the other animals, and when he soaks Mr. Lion, his dad explains that he must stop rushing around and learn control; he must stop, think, and understand. Raja is quite upset; he hasn't meant to be naughty, so he decides he must practise is skills with his trunk. This he does each day until he gets so good at squirting that he is able to put out the fire when Mrs. Lion's cakes burn. He is proud of his hard work and learns that others are proud of him too. This is one in a series of books in the Royal College of Psychiatrists Changing Minds Project. The simple, colourful pictures and the little elephant's strong desire to help himself will provide encouragement to children who need to change their behaviour, possibly particularly hyperactive children.
Age: 4+